Remodeling Services are Less Stressful with a General Contractor

Remodeling services can be a nightmare, especially if you are trying to work with subcontractors. For example, if you are planning on replacing your shower, you may simply call the plumber and have him give you an estimate. The estimate is within your budget so the remodeling services begin as anticipated. Once the plumber starts the project, he may find issues with the floor joists, requiring a carpenter. Then you have to find a carpenter, have him repair the floor joist, and then reschedule the plumber to come back and finish the job. Of course, after the plumber finishes, you notice that the drywall needs to be repaired or replaced so off you go trying to find someone to repair the drywall around the shower. Once the drywall is replaced, it needs painting. In the meantime, your bathroom is a disaster.

Remodeling Services are Less Stressful with a General Contractor

A general contractor acts as a project manager throughout the remodeling project and typically has numerous sub-contractors and individuals that work for him. General contractors usually start as construction workers and have an expansive collection of experience in all the different phases for remodeling services including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, drywall, and painting. In the example above, while the plumber did not realize your floor joist was weak, a general contractor would be more likely to anticipate the weakness during the estimate phase.

During any remodeling service, the general contractor will be the person that is ultimately responsible for the completion of the project. The written contract is between you and the general contractor and will outline all work that needs to be completed. Plus, any additional work that is requested or needed will be amended to the original contract. This protects both sides to ensure that everyone understands exactly what is expected. Since the contract is between you and the general contractor, you have a central point of contact for all work being performed. Trying to chase after multiple subcontractors to get the work done right can be a nightmare. General contractors make it less stressful as they are responsible for the workers.

The general contractor also ensures that any permits for the remodeling services are obtained prior to the start of the project and any inspections are completed, as needed. (While obtaining permits increase the cost of the job, not having a permit can result in the project being put on hold, as well as fines, until the permit is obtained.) Plus, the general contractor schedules all the different phases and the workers needed to complete the project, as quickly as possible.

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