Kitchen Remodeling trends you will see in 2020

Kitchen Remodel

The next decade is just a few weeks away! We are practically living in the future which means it’s a good time to update your kitchen. Weather you’re looking for a complete kitchen remodeling or just a bit of touching up here are a few trends you might be seeing in 2020.

1.Warm Colors

Browns, grays, beiges, and other colors found in nature will warm up kitchen walls everywhere. Keeping the color pallet neutral will allow kitchen materials to take the spotlight. Hardware for cabinets and faucets will be matte with tones of gold, copper, black, or gray.

2. Storage Walls

This is a great trend for those of us with limited kitchen space. Rather than installing a bunch of cabinets, one large cabinet from floor to ceiling will help you maximize your kitchen storage. This simple remodel is not only cost effective but also takes less time to install.

3. Concealed Hoods

Hoods a great for cooking, however they are not very pleasing to the eye. Before installing a hood consult with our designers and we will figure out the best way to camouflage it in with the rest of the kitchen.

4. Large Pantry

We hope you’re hungry because the best place to get a snack is in your new walk in pantry! Not only will these new pantries organize all of your food, they can also be used to hide small everyday appliance such as coffee makers or toasters. The empty counter space in the main kitchen will allow for room to spread out your cooking or projects

5. Discrete Handles

Much like the kitchen hood, a large bulky cabinet handle takes away from the overall aesthetic of a new kitchen. Cabinets can make the biggest statement in a kitchen. Finding a sleek and discrete handle is the best way to make your cabinets pop. Some cabinets come with built in handles so make sure you check out our selection before going hardware shopping.


While we understand these new trends in 2020 might not be for everyone, we can help you customize your new kitchen to fit your style and budget. Kitchen remolding can be a fun but also daunting process. JLB Remodeling & Custom Homes is here to help you throughout every step of the project.


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