8 Tips for Successful Home Remodeling

Home remodeling, regardless of whether it is small or large, can be extremely frustrating with service personnel coming in and out of your tranquil home. These 8 steps will help you stay sane during your home remodeling project.


  1. Envision what you want ahead of time. If you are not sure, ask for some ideas and think them over. What do you envision the home remodeling project to look like after it is finished? By envisioning the end result, you can actually plan on what needs to be performed.
  2. Get an in-home consultation with a professional. Sometimes what you may envision may require more work than you could anticipate. For example, removing a wall may seem simple but it can also be much more complex if the wall is load bearing. Although there is always a work around, are you comfortable with the work around or willing to spend the additional costs for exactly what you envision.
  3. Get references for your contractor and then call the references. Having trust in the person being able to perform the home remodeling project is important. People will be coming and going in your home throughout the renovation period. Sometimes you may be home and, at other times, you may not. Having confidence that the contractor is honest and competent will give you peace of mind when you can’t be there.
  4. Once you decide on the contractor, make sure everything is in writing and that you understand it. While you may be excited to get started, at the end of the home remodeling, you want it to be as you envision it and this is where having it in writing for all parties ensures that everyone envisions the same end result. Plus, you can outline what can be done by workers within your home (i.e. all workers must refrain from smoking while on the property) and stipulate that the workers must clean up before leaving for the day.
  5. Speak up if you are not comfortable with someone performing the service. All too often we resist the urge to simply state, “I’m not comfortable with this person.” The bottom line is that it’s your home and you should be comfortable with anyone that is performing the work. If you are not, then call the contractor and ask them to get someone else to finish the job.
  6. Stay up-to-date on all phases via the general contractor. Quite often a home remodeling involves several steps and specialties (like plumbers, electricians, drywall specialists), working with a general contractor, who supervises all the sub-contractors, saves you from the stress of trying to schedule all the different workers. Since the general contractor plans the different phases and schedules, he can keep you abreast of any issues or changes in the schedule.
  7. If your home remodeling project includes drywall services, make sure to change the air filter in your heating and air conditioning. Drywall services can produce an abundance of drywall dust and changing the air filter prevents damage to your heating and air conditioning unit.
  8. Get a list of any paints and finishes involved in your home remodeling project. You spent a lot of time deciding which paint was right for your home remodeling project. Chances are you may need to do touch-ups in the future. By having the exact paint information and finish, you can easily buy, if needed.

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