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New Home Construction in Greensboro

Have you dreamed of building your own beautiful new home? JLB Remodeling & Custom Homes, Inc. builds new custom homes in Greensboro and the surrounding area that stand out from the rest in beauty and quality craftsmanship. When you choose JLB, you will be working with a builder with extensive knowledge and experience in construction, renovation, and home building. JLB makes the planning and building process as easy as possible, working closely with you so that you are informed and involved with every step. JLB is a builder you can trust.

Have it your way with custom design

Why search for a house that is mostly what you want, when you can have your own home that has everything you want? That’s the beauty of custom-built homes. You get to choose every feature, color, and texture. JLB will design a layout based on your needs and wants that can be adjusted and tweaked to suit you and your family. JLB custom homes are built with state-of-the-art kitchens, fully-wired media rooms, luxurious bathrooms, elaborate patio spaces, bright sunrooms, and more. Because functionality is also important, we include conveniently located laundry/utility rooms, walk-in closets, and plenty of storage space. Garages can be built to accommodate any number of vehicles. When you custom-build a home, it turns out to be truly unique. Your own personality and that of your family members will show in every room. There will be no other home out there that is exactly like yours.

Green Homes have many benefits

You may have heard the term “green home” before. No, it doesn’t refer to the paint color and it doesn’t mean that you’ll have a garden growing in your living room. A green home is energy-efficient, and in some cases, constructed using recycled materials. Energy-efficient appliances are installed throughout the home. Natural light is used whenever possible. Highly insulated windows and doors are used to keep the cold out and the warmth in during the winter, and vice versa in the summer. Decks can be built from recycled plastic. Environmentally friendly products are used throughout, including flooring of cork or bamboo. These “green” options not only benefit the environment, they reduce your energy costs which can save you a significant amount of money when compared to any other home. An added benefit is the healthier indoor air quality that accompanies a green home.

Get started building your dream home

JLB homes are so intricately built with such high quality materials and craftsmanship, that only a few custom homes can be built each year. Luxury custom homes are large projects that take time to complete when the necessary detail and care is put in. JLB takes our time during the design process as well to be sure you are satisfied with the plans before breaking ground. JLB will listen to your needs and wants and stay within your budget. If you are interested in building a new custom home in Greensboro with JLB Remodeling & Custom Homes, Inc. don’t wait. Request a free estimate today.

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